Did you know that you can attract customers if the exterior of your commercial property is properly maintained? It doesn’t matter if your property is an apartment community, a strip mall, or a business, or a business building, a dirty parking space and building usually deter people away. Thankfully, you can have all the grime and dirt removed from parking lots, sidewalks, awnings, and buildings with the help of commercial property pressure washing or power cleaning Surrey BC

The advantages of getting your commercial property pressure washed include increased safety for your clients and a clean appearance. To know more about the perks you get to observe with this, check out the items below:  

Parking lots, driveways, and patios  

A lot of restaurants give outside dining below a covered space. The deck or pavement should be maintained to be as clean as your floor in a restaurant. With a power washer, patio areas remove and clean stains from spills.   

To increase safety, it’s vital to maintain a clean parking lot. People can potentially fall and slip when the surfaces are oily or trip and stick in pavement areas where food and drinks are spilled. Food and sweet drinks left on the ground can also attract rodents and insects. Drive through buildings and restaurants that offer takeout food must make sure to keep the parking area cleaned thoroughly with the help of a strong power washer.   


Perhaps you may think that you can choose not to opt for pressure washing if there’s enough rain. However, rain doesn’t wash your buildings. Instead, rain can only retain smudges of grime and dust on all surface types. If you resort for a pressure washer, you get to choose a special setting for stone, stucco, wood, brick, stone, and other surfaces. It can clean off all the caked and streaked dirt and additional layers, such as chewing gum. Moreover, the pressure wash eliminates mold and algae that are developing out of your building after a heavy downpour. Varnish and paint won’t be impacted by power washing only if you utilize the right tools and equipment. Actually, the washing will help in bringing out the surface colors.   

Stone, wood fences, and bricks can also take advantage of the pressure wash by eliminating algae, stains, mold, and streaks.   

A lot of buildings are comprised of awnings that gather dirt in addition to bird debris and rainwater. A soft pressure wash can eliminate blemishes from tough surface canopies.   

A commercial pressure washing take in parking lots round the buildings, paved driveways, public sidewalks, and entrances to buildings. Usually, driveways into apartment communities or commercial buildings have debris, dirt, and oil tracked by tires. Moreover, a multi-level parking garages’ pavement is also required to get oil and grime eliminated for both the drivers and pedestrian’s safety.  

Steps and walkways that leads into a building will be required to be cleaned for both looks and safety. Usually, this is needed after a strong downpour has retained debris and puddles.