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 Resources North Association
 Issues a Media Release - September 23, 2015

Resources North Association winds down
 September 30, 2015

Prince George, B.C. — Resources North Association (Resources North), a BC non-profit society based in Prince George, will voluntarily wind down its operations effective September 30, 2015.

Resources North Chair Stephanie Killam said that the directors regretted needing to make this decision, but are proud of the organization’s legacy of success in building collaborative approaches to land and resource management and community stability and prosperity in northern BC.

“Thanks to our project funders, partners and staff of the past eight years, Resources North is proud to have supported inclusive dialogues, cooperative land management conferences, natural resource forums, species at risk initiatives, sustainable forest management, climate change adaptation, labour needs in the resource sectors, and education on innovative approaches to agroforestry and bioenergy,” Killam said. “Our final 2015-2016 projects are on track, but since there are no significant new projects or funding on the horizon, the directors recognize it is time to entrust oversight of this work to others.”

Resources North currently administers a number of trust funds that are designated for specific resource management projects. The trust funds support the Muskwa-Kechika Advisory Board (for work related to the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area, a protected wilderness area), implementation of the Peace Northern Caribou Plan, a small streams study in Prince George, and landslide susceptibility mapping and research projects throughout British Columbia.

The charitable non-profit Fraser Basin Council (FBC), which has an office in Prince George, will assume responsibility for administration of the provincial trust funds upon dissolution of Resources North to allow for completion of the projects. Independent project committees originally set up to oversee each project will continue to determine use of the funds for scientific research and program work.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to support partnerships that Resources North has helped foster in the region,” said FBC Executive Director David Marshall. “The Fraser Basin Council supports a collaborative approach to sustainable resource management, and we want to be of service to all orders of government, including First Nations, the natural resource sector and other interests to explore better ways of working together.”
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Fraser Basin Council
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Resources North Association
Resources North is a not-for-profit society that strives to unite natural resource dependent communities, First Nations, industry and government to find and implement durable solutions to resource and land use conflicts in northern British Columbia.

Fraser Basin Council
The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is a not-for-profit society that advances sustainability in the Fraser River Basin and throughout BC. 

Oil & Gas Sector Preparedness for Climate Change

Resources North, Trout Creek Collaborative Solutions, and other partners conducted a survey to assess the current level of awareness of the oil and gas sector in Western Canada on the potential impacts of a changing climate on the sector’s infrastructure and operations, and to determine if the sector is engaging in any action to address those potential impacts.  Final reports for the project were prepared for Western Canada as well as for just British Columbia:

"Climate Change Impacts to the Oil and Gas Sector in Western Canada – How are we Preparing?

"Climate Change Impacts to the Oil and Gas Sector in Western Canada – How are we Preparing?  Summary of Results by Region.

"Climate Change Impacts to the Oil and Gas Sector in Western Canada – How are we Preparing?  Summary of Results by Sector.

"Climate Change Impacts to the Oil and Gas Sector in British Columbia - How are we Preparing?"

"Click here to view the webinar slide deck that was presented December 2014 detailing the survey results.



Cooperative Land Management Conference: Breaking Down Silos

On June 17-18, 2014 Resources North hosted the 2nd Cooperative Land Management Conference, aptly named Breaking Down Silos.  By bringing together industry, communities, First Nations and various other stakeholders, Resources North showcased successful strategies that can be leveraged from one resource sector to another.  For details and to view the presentations from the event, please see the 2014 Conference page

All 2013 conference materials and presentations are posted here!


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