Tips for Handling Broken Car Window

Taking care of a broken windshield isn’t something that any car owner wants to do. However, protecting the window until you can fix it is a crucial step. Whether your windshield was damaged due to an accident, hail, or other things, all car owners need to know how to address the issue.  


For almost every case, it isn’t a safety problem to drive with a broken windshield. However, you need to replace or fix it right away. 

In the meantime, you have to get rid of broken glass and cover the window. This won’t improve the security of your car. However, it can protect your interior from the elements.  

Before you hire a South Carolina windshield replacement company, here are several things you should do: 

Get Rid of the Broken Glass 

First, you’ve got to get rid of the bigger pieces of glass. Make sure you place the shattered pieces inside a container. If there is glass still attached to your vehicle, break them gently.  

Next, utilize a high-quality vacuum to get rid of tiny pieces of glass from your car’s interior and around the window frame.  

Clean Around the Window 

Once you get rid of all the broken pieces, you’ll have to prepare the surface around the window. Make sure you get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt for excellent adhesion.  

When cleaning the car frame and window seal, you can utilize a damp cloth. Let the area dry for several minutes.  

Place the Plastic Cover 

Next, place the plastic over the window frame from your car’s interior. Hold the bag against the frame’s top edge. Next, temporarily fix it in position using tiny pieces of masking tape.  

Do not use other forms of tape since they can damage the paint of your vehicle.  

Secure the Plastic Cover 

Next, prepare a couple of longer pieces of masking tape. Smoothen out the plastic and pull it towards one side of the car’s frame. Use a single piece of masking tape at a time to attach the plastic firmly around every side of the window.  

You should make sure you stretch the plastic. Do not allow it to slack in the surface since it will flap when you drive the car.  

Seal the Covering of the Window 

Then, utilize additional pieces of tape to reinforce the seal around the window. You can also keep the plastic cover in place if you use a second layer of tape. This is important since there might be strong air pressure or moisture as you drive.  

You’ve got to ensure there aren’t any holes between the window frame and the plaster where water and air can seep in. 

Add Another Layer on the Exterior Side 

If you want the plastic cover to last for a couple of days, you need to add another plastic layer on the exterior side. All you need to do is to repeat all the steps above. However, you’ve got to do it on the outside of the window. This will help you cover a broken car window